Our Team


Timothy R. Lies

Chief Executive Officer

Team Member Since 1985

Tim loves to work on cars. Funny, how that passion translates to business. As founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Interior Design Group Ltd. Tim knows what it takes to make his company run like a well-oiled machine. A graduate from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design with over 30 years of experience, Tim has assembled all the right parts to make IDG one of the premier design firms around. Unlike other CEO’s, Tim rolls up his sleeves and gets his hands dirty. He’s actively involved in the day-to-day work to ensure all projects meet the high quality IDG is known for. So if you have any needs from space plans to designs or even ’53 Chevy’s, give Tim a shout.


Christine K. Lies


Team Member Since 1985

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you’re married to the CEO. As President of THE INTERIOR DESIGN GROUP LTD., Chris knows a good relationship is key to a successful company. That’s why she goes out of her way to listen to clients and ensure they are happy. Chris views all clients as partners and works hard to earn their trust, which might be why there’s is such a high incidence of repeat business. As a co-founder of IDG, you can tell Chris truly loves what she does – from a follow up phone call to delivering a plate of homemade cookies, she knows how to keep a relationship strong… and that is good business.


Amy L. Berry

Vice President of Operations

Team Member Since 2005

Amy is like the air traffic controller at IDG. She helps ensure projects not only take off and land on time, but safely. As the Office Manager and head of the Accounting Department, Amy relishes the challenges that come her way. With a strong team ethic, and believe it or not, an affinity for paperwork, it’s comforting to know Amy is watching over the office.


Larry A. Dohrer

Director of Architecture

Team Member Since 1993

Architecture is a lot like music. When the composition is flawless, the results can be breathtaking. Passionate about both architecture and music, Larry Dohrer knows what it takes to have design and architecture coexist in harmony. With 41 years of experience in all disciplines and aspects of architecture, Larry is a fountain of knowledge and one of IDG’s greatest resources to both designers and clients. The University of Iowa graduate also works hard to stay current on the ever-changing code issues, which is why you’ll hear so many singing his praises.


Terisia L. Wernett

Vice President / Senior Project Coordinator

Team Member Since 2005

The first thing to know about Terisia is that there is only one of her. This is interesting because she seems to have the uncanny ability to be at two places at one time. A graduate from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design and an accredited LEED professional have put Terisia in heavy demand at IDG. And that’s the way she likes it. With over 12 years of experience, Terisia thrives in this atmosphere and takes pride in the long list of clients she works with.


Laurie Deconcilis

Senior Project Coordinator

Team Member Since 2005

At first glance, interior design and hockey don’t seem to have much in common but after you get to know Laurie, you’ll find that her passions for both are what make her so unique. With over 17 years of experience in interior design and a degree from the school of the Art Institute in Chicago, Laurie has been a great asset to IDG. Laurie’s approachable manner is only matched by her expert approach to colors and finishes in which she takes great pride. The fact that she plays hockey in her spare time gives her a rare perspective on each: both move at high speed, both require a deft touch under pressure and both depend on creativity to be successful. One thing is certain, whether it’s in business or hockey, you’ll be thrilled to have her on your team.


Diane Hansa

Senior Project Coordinator

Team Member From 1988 – 2000 / 2010 – Present

Every company has a “go-to” person. You know, the person you can count on when it’s all on the line. Well, that’s Diane in a nutshell. A graduate from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Interior Design, Diane was IDG’s first employee. Assigned to many of the company’s most high-profile projects over the years, she is experienced in all facets of the business. Her strong space planning skills and innate design sense coupled with a calm demeanor make her a great ambassador of the company.


Ryan L. DeBari

Vice President / Senior Project Coordinator

Team Member Since 2013

While Ryan is the newest guy around IDG, he certainly isn’t new to the industry. Having worked over 13 years in this industry, Ryan’s vast experience is beneficial to IDG. Ryan has touched every aspect of a project from initial client contact through project completion. Ryan obtained a Masters Degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering / Construction Management while attending the University of Illinois. There is another side of Ryan too. He’s an avid sports fan, including all of Chicago’s teams (except the Sox!) and he can always be seen rooting for the Fighting Illini. Ryan also enjoys golfing, tennis, photography, and traveling.


Laurel A. Lang

Senior CAD Technician

Team Member Since 1997

As an avid camper, you could say Laurel is literally one of the most down to earth employees at IDG. A graduate from University of Arkansas and ITT Technical Institute, Laurel worked her way up the ranks to Senior CAD Technician. Her years of CAD experience combined with a strong attention to detail has made Laurel an invaluable member of the Production Department. Always true to her roots, Laurel’s strong work ethic and dedication can be seen in everything she does from pitching in on projects to just pitching a tent.


Richard M. Hemmig

Senior CAD Technician

Team Member Since 2005

Rich is always trying to make things a little bit better where he can. Professionally he strives to improve himself as he pursues a bachelor degree in architecture. Personally, he’s actively involved in improving his community and helping others. As a Senior CAD Technician with over 7 years of experience, he’s well versed in AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Photoshop, Revit and Adobe InDesign which simply means he betters every project that comes his way.


Jessica M. Lies

CAD Associate

Team Member Since 2010

Following in your parent’s footsteps isn’t always the easiest path, but as a student majoring in architecture, Jessica has been one quick study in the business. The youngest member of the team, who is also fluent in Spanish, brings a unique dynamic to the company. Her bi-lingual capability helps Jessica adapt to different project requirements with patience and a varied perspective. So while she may have some big shoes to fill, Jessica is more than up for the challenge.

Lauren E. Weld

CAD Technician

Team Member Since 2017

Lauren is a  CAD Technician with over 5 years of experience, she is well versed in AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Photoshop, Revit and Adobe InDesign which simply means she betters every project that comes her way.