Building Input Fixed

Building Input

A full measurement/survey of the entire building is taken and with this information we will generate CAD drawn base building plans. The measurements we gather can also be used to prepare area calculations, which will determine the efficiency of the building.


“As Built” Conditions Documents

A thorough measurement/survey of the existing interior built-out condition is taken and we will prepare CAD drawn as-built plans. These plans are a vital tool in preparing space plans and can also be used for marketing purposes.

Requirement Programming

Requirement Programming

A programming meeting with the potential tenant provides us with information that is crucial in the preparation of a space plan. We will investigate how the company currently functions, departmental adjacencies, space allocation and future considerations. From this programming, we can also establish the total amount of square footage needed to accommodate the requirements and determine the appropriateness of a proposed space.

Space Planning

Space Planning

The information obtained during the programming phase will be translated into a carefully considered, well-though-out plan. The presentation of a CAD drawn floor plan, allows everyone to envision the potential of the location.

Construction Documents

After establishing an approved space plan, IDG will prepare a complete set of construction documents that can be used for bid and will be architecturally sealed for permit and construction.

Design Development

After meeting with the client to discuss the direction of the design, multiple schemes demonstrating the design intent are presented for client approval. As a visual aid, we will provide the necessary floor plans, architectural details, material and finishes.

Materials & Finishes

Whether remodeling an existing space or building a new space, we will pull together a collection of material and finish options to provide the desired level of visual impact.

Furniture Acquisition Management 5

Furniture Acquisition Management

Furniture options will be selected to fit within the parameters of the budget and to work with the overall design intent. We will assemble and review bids from a variety of furniture dealerships, assist with furniture finish selections and see the project through to the final punch list.

Presentation Boards

We will assemble presentation boards based upon a project’s final design concept, materials and finishes. These boards can be used for display purposes to help others visualize the impending improvements.


We will prepare computer-rendered images to convey the design and materials of the proposed design concept. If requested, they can be mounted for display to generate excitement about the upcoming project.

Types of rendering we offer include:

  • 2-D “Photoshop” rendered floor plans
  • 3-D floor plans
  • “Photoshop” rendered 2-D elevations
  • “Photoshop” 3-D renderings
  • 3-D “Sketch-Up” renderings
  • Photorealistic 3-D renderings
  • 3-D walk-through

Click here for rendering examples

Project Management

Project Management

Continuing our hands-on approach during construction, we will undertake a complete range of responsibilities. Such responsibilities include: gathering construction bids, attending on-site meetings, reviewing shop drawings, coordinating change orders and preparing the final punch list. All the while, keeping our client up to speed on the project.