• 85,716 SQUARE FEET

Endotronix is pioneering advancements at the intersection of medical technology and digital health, aiming to enhance care for individuals living with heart failure. As a developer of medical implant devices that aid healthcare professionals in monitoring their patients’ heart conditions, Endotronix sought a state of the art office space and clean lab. The planning of their 80,000 square foot establishment in Naperville has provided them with a setting conducive to hosting clients and fostering employee retention, all within one location.

Their facility offers an abundance of natural light, collaborative areas, and an atmosphere of tranquility and sophistication. The laboratory areas were meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless workflows and encourage spontaneous idea-sharing among employees.

IDG provided a strong foundation and led a large team of professionals from different disciplines to deliver a space to Endotronix that is nothing short of amazing.

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