Highland Landmark II

  • Downers Grove, IL
  • 4,200 Square Feet

At Highland Landmark II, the common areas were in need of some TLC. The existing two-story
lobby space was home to overgrown, in-floor planters. IDG filled in the floor and created a
new collaborative Wi-Fi lounge accentuated by a custom light sculpture. Designed to be the
focal point to welcome visitors into the building, the unique “mobile” pendant is the perfect
mixture of light and acrylic semi-circles.

IDG also updated the building’s large deli. Outdated colors and worn finishes were replaced
with a new, current palette. Ensuring durability and flexibility were key for this space since it is
a bustling epicenter for the building tenants. Hybrid seating arrangements and multi-textured
materials create a comfortable and exciting place to gather.

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