Instant Brands

  • Downers Grove, IL
  • 5,958 Square Feet
Thank you [Terisia and Laurie] for everything you have done for us and continue to do! You have been such a great team to partner with on our project!
Lou Kartsimas
VP - Global Human Resources

The third time was certainly a charm, when we were once again requested by Instant Brands to relocate their headquarters to Downers Grove. We had previously worked with them on their Rosemont office, when they were formerly known as both Corelle Brands and World Kitchen.

The IDG team got to work planning them as a full floor tenant. With the mindset of being budget conscious, our initial effort was to reuse the existing construction as much as possible. Taking our inspiration from Instant Brands core philosophies of “a fresh take”, “simply joy” and “a cut above” we focused the design on three key impact areas. 

The main entry was designed as a welcoming center for clients, complete with a beverage center, collaboration table and lounge seating to serve as both a reception and spontaneous meeting space.

The break room was outfitted with a full-functioning kitchen enabling them to test new products, before they hit the marketplace.  Also, a large informal gathering space was created for the employees-appropriately entitled “Zen”. Each of these areas also served as an opportunity for us design creative ways to display their product. 

When working with Instant Brands, we mirrored their principles with our own, by “understanding who they are, what they need and how they work together”.

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