World’s Finest Chocolate

  • 13,127 SQUARE FEET
"The IDG staff were all easy to work with, understood our needs from both a design and budget standpoint, and followed up on questions we asked with quick responses."
Rich Jacob
Senior Director of Engineering
It was time for World’s Finest Chocolate to update 13,000 square feet of employee space in their existing facility. The scope of work for this project included; the dining hall, kitchen, conference and meeting areas, plant entrance, smock room, restrooms and locker area. In order to maximize usable square footage for employees, IDG transformed a once abandoned vestibule into an open lounge and meeting area. The original etched glass doors were repurposed to become the focal point of the new conference room. The dining hall and main lobby space were refreshed by; updating the break room kitchen, adding accent colors that coordinate with the company identity and selecting new, durable furniture. A portion of this space was converted into a flexible seating area to allow for small group meetings and collaboration between co-workers. This project shows how a little refresh can go a long way!

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